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There are dozens of types of restaurants. There are American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Peurvian, Equadorian, Spanish, German, Colombian, Brazilian, Argentinian, Cuban just to name a few.  If you own and restaurant and you need insurance, give us a call today!



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Every business has its own risk exposures. Upholding your restaurants reputation is important and as an owner you must realize that even contaminated food or spilled coffee can hold you liable. Customer’s dining experience solely depends on host staff and food safety. So, it is important to have  insurance cover for such risks.  If you own the building or  a tenant, it is extremely important to get the the proper coverage as there are differences that need to be addressed.

Compared to most small businesses, the hazards of running a restaurant appear almost staggering:

  • stoves and fryers, sometimes with open flames, tended by young, inexperienced workers

  • waiters carrying trays of hot, heavy plates among patrons

  • concentrations of people at late hours the potential for poisoning from food not properly prepared or dishes not properly cleaned

  • large panes of building glass

  • inventories of food products at risk of spoilage

  • possible delivery

Restaurant insurance packages should include coverage for property, general liability, liquor liability (if your establishment serves any kind of alcohol), automobile liability (if your restaurant has any company vehicles), business interruption or loss of business, spoilage/contamination and specific peril coverage. The limit for each kind of coverage will be based on numerous factors, including lender requirements, type of building, state and local laws and location.

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